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cratevc3112b.jpgCrate VC3112
Providing bluesy tone and "classic" tube growl and breakup, the VC3112B utilizes class A tube watts, proven to provide players quick response. With tubes at full power, the VC3112B distorts at low frequencies providing players a smooth, low end growl and "glassy" high end, preferred by tube enthusiasts. The VC3112B is the perfect size to run with a full band, use in the studio, or home practice. It includes 12" Crate Vintage driver, 30 Class A tube watts (4 EL84 & 4 12AX7), two channels, jewel light power switch, and spring reverb. The VC3112 utilizes the same power platform and class A-tubes. Popular with most professional endorsers, this amp provides the "classic" tube distortion found on blues and rock albums, while providing more than enough power and size to make it a valuable live performance amp.

johnsonja010.jpgJohnson Big Mouth Amp

You’ll be amazed with this loud little 10 watt amp. Specially engineered for more efficient amplification, this amp is powerful in clean or overdrive modes. It comes with RCA inputs to make it easy to jam to a CD or MP3 player.   List price is $70.


johnsonblueline50.jpgBlueLine 50R Guitar Amp

The BlueLine 50R and 100R deluxe amps step the series up to a higher level of power and control. They feature dual individual overdrive and clean channel 3-band equalizers. These amps have spring reverb, built in footswitch, effects send/return, and high/low input jacks. The 50R and 100R are for the serious musician who desires the best performance possible.  All BlueLine amplifiers have a two-year warranty and feature the Johnson BlueLine logo. Controls and jacks are top loaded for ease of use and control access. Johnson BlueLines are the best series of affordable amplifiers on the market for musicians looking for power in any price range. List price is $259.


reptone30r.jpgJohnson RepTone 30R

A 30 watt amplifier with two footswitchable channels and spring reverb.  Line out as well as headphones out.  Ten inch alphatone speaker.  List price is $120.


johnsonja030b.jpgRepTone 30 Bass

The solidly built RepTone bass amps are perfect for musicians who need volume and tone but don’t have the budget or space for a bigger amp. Available in 15 and 30 watt models, these amps each feature a 3-band EQ with a separate presence control for added sonic variety and clarity.   List price is $126.



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